Astrology for the soul february 4

Let more slide than you'd usually. We know that's not your favorite thing to do—not by a long shot—but all of this bending to the will of others will come with benefits. Especially in the next few months. Your love month will : be about difficult realizations. Soon, that cold demeanor will turn to an unusual brevity in your style of communicating.

Yes, February will feel like a real cold front. Let it change you. Your love month will : be about rituals. You are a person who thrives on routine and the deep practice of spiritual rhythms and repetitive behaviors, which extend into the ritualistic. February will allow you to move more intensely into your notions of self and goals for the future. As far as your career, try to start visualizing where you want to go. Soon there will be a lot to celebrate. Keep your priorities straight. Your love month will : be about small breakthroughs. It is your season after all. You may be waiting for a big shift, whether with your professional life or your love life, which you're hoping to take into wilder territory.

Make small but pleasurable additions to your home and desk at work.

This Week in Astrology: January 27 to February 2,

Reread a book that makes you remember possibility. Go to a movie by yourself in the middle of the day. Making time and space for these things will allow you to see the bigger picture differently. Your anxiety about the future is holding you back, when, little do you know, this year will only get better as the months progress. Your love month will : be about exploration.

February 4, 1959 Birthday Facts

You thrive on new things, new sights and adventures, and especially new people. It shifts the old energy you accumulate after empathizing with everyone all day. So, this February, be open to travel. Be open to the potential for new love, or even a new job. Now is a good time to explore what you want and to see what another side of life might have to offer.

Now's the time for you to get it done! Taurus Your love month will : center around the self. Slide 1 of Previous Next.

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February 4 Aquarius ♒ New Moon ~ Your Future Self Is Moving You Forward

Get the Stitcher App Send a link to your phone to take your podcasts on the go. We Sent You a Link Did you get it? Retry Close. Start Free Trial. Indulge the urge no matter what it may be. You can grow your social network and form significant professional relationships with people you meet. Venus in cautious Capricorn after Feb. If debates or conflicts arise, take time to understand the other perspective so you can have a more productive discussion.

Instead, live in the now. You are in a growth phase now, with greater access to your truth and in your power. Our children reflect the best and worst aspects of ourselves back to us. Therefore, they are experts at pushing your buttons. Notice when you feel frustrated or disappointed by them or when you feel proud and connected.

Ask: What about myself can I learn from this moment? Allow yourself to be surprised on the 14th. You could be quite busy this month, and your children may have extra homework or long-term projects for which they need your help. In addition, your career sector heats up with Mars and Uranus joining forces on the 12th. Explore new destinations or make future travel plans. Give careful consideration to any opportunities your children might have to travel or study abroad.

The full moon on Feb. Make independent study part of your self-care routine, especially if it involves meditation or some other spiritual discipline. Have you been trying to conceive or thinking about starting a family? The new moon on Feb. In what ways would you like your love life to change? Reflect on that question, and your hopeful thoughts will plant seeds of intentions.

At the beginning of the month, your mind is in a creative flow, but you need to prioritize, focusing on one project at a time. Profound realizations about your money mindset help you begin a shift from fear to trust. This type of awareness can help you unlock the door to future success. You may feel more deeply connected to those you love and desire to offer a helping hand as a result.

Your generosity, when in balance, is heart-expanding.

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This month, let your heart take the lead. Your love life could lead you to ignore practical sensibilities, especially if you are newly involved in a relationship. She will touch both Saturn, the planet of commitment, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, on the 18th and 22nd, respectively.

If you are expecting or trying to conceive, you will need to be extra gentle with yourself, even if that means leaving some items on your to-do list unchecked. At the beginning of the month, take time for self-care. As you clear and balance your body, you might be inspired to clean or declutter your space. These activities can help you maintain your sense of balance as the sun moves into dreamy, mystical Pisces — and your opposite sign — on Feb. For those of you who are expecting or trying to conceive, a new moon on Feb.

For those of you with children, the new moon ushers in a monthlong cycle of enjoyment and fun for the family.