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Highly recommended. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!

Stefanie is without a doubt one of the most in tune, well educated and passionate astrologers I have ever been lucky enough to meet and have a reading from. I had my natal chart read and Stefanie knows nothing about me but from what she could read from my chart… it was like she knew everything about me!

Everything she told me made so much sense and correlated to me personally so precisely.

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I will definitely be recommending Stefanie to everyone I know and those I can reach out too who is interested in any astrological readings. Completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Stefanie xxx. Beautiful reading from a passionate Astrologer!


Aries Love Chart

Thank you Steff — would highly recommend. I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of readings with stellium astrology and just wanted to say a big thank you! I just came across the recording you sent me after our last session. Was so insightful to hear it back and I remembered how much comfort it bought me during a challenging time. You were so accurate. Would love to book in again soon. The reading with Stefanie was great. I absolutely love readings from Steff she always empowers me to make the right life choices.

She is very professional and friendly and really makes you feel at ease I would highly recommend this service, with this wonderful lady. The reading was interesting, informative and I appreciate the extra service. I initially contacted stellium astrology for some inspiration with my next tattoo designs. After my reading, I not only had some amazing design ideas, I also felt as though I understood and had more confidence in myself, my actions past and present and the direction in which my life was now heading.

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It was uplifting and inspiring. Steff always gives a star reading and always makes you feel at ease and is very accurate. I am always happy to see her because she is a warm woman who has such a gift. She happily went through everything with me in thorough detail and went above and beyond to answer all my questions. Elle - By The AstroTwins.

Venus enters Scorpio

Eyes on the prize, Aries! Resist the temptation to procrastinate today, as structured Saturn in your professional sector forms a tough square with. On April 10, , history was made when the first actual photograph of a supermassive black hole was captured for all to see. Behold, a collapsed star in the center of the Virgo A Messier 87 galaxy—housed.

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With the messenger planet backstroking through plumb-the-depths. Set those fare alerts preferably for. Happy astrological New Year! The first Mercury retrograde of is a-coming and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. From March 5th to 28th, this unavoidable and utterly inconvenient nuisance will blow through town, bringing. Revise that strategy as fast as you can! And maybe light a candle for good luck with a schmancy restaurant reservation opening up—or at least seats.

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As we celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 5, , the congenial Earth Pig takes the helm, changing the cosmic landscape dramatically. The world could become a much friendlier place under this convivial. Microwave the Orville Redenbacher.

The resolution revolution is officially underway as the Sun swings into Capricorn from December 21, to January 20, Holiday season aside, this is the most auspicious time of the year for goal-setting. Dance challenge on the bar! Dial up the fantasy factor! What do the stars have in store for ?

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Elle - By The Astro Twins. Dear Could you just stop it with the retrogrades already? First hotheaded Mars reversed course from June 26 to August Then, love planet Venus spun out from October 5 to November And if that.